Awakin Circles (Now Virtual!)

We've all heard the phrase, "When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade." In so many ways, the current disruption of our lives is inviting us to hold new questions and perhaps a deeper consciousness.

For decades, Awakin Circles have been held in living rooms around the globe. Now, they are still held -- but virtually. Moreover, we now have opportunity to cross pollinate across global circles! While you can RSVP as usual for each circle, below is a listing of various virtual events that you may enjoy:

Attend A Virtual Circle

Date Time Event Name
Apr 14, 2021
07:30PM EDT

Awakin NYC: April 14, 2021, 7:30pm ET (ONLINE)

We continue to hold our ONLINE meditation circles this Wednesday at 7:30pm. Please RSVP below  and I will send you further details on ... 2021-04-14

Apr 14, 2021
07:30PM PDT

Awakin Circle, Santa Clara

Awakin Santa Clara circle this week has moved to a virtual space!  Based on Santa Clara County's guidance around Coronavirus risks, ... 2021-04-14

Apr 15, 2021
06:00PM IST

Awakin Circle Surat

Inspired by Awakin Circles and the spirit of community, we gather every Thursday to sit in silence for an hour ... 2021-04-15

Apr 16, 2021
07:00PM IST

Vadodara Maitri Circle (Virtual) Fri, April 16, 2021

             "Nature doesn't hurry, Yet everything is accomplished."                    ... 2021-04-16

Apr 17, 2021

Awakin Call With Nandini Murali

In the spring of 2017, Nandini Murali, a South Indian journalist and author, returned from an out-of-town assignment to an ... 2021-04-17

Apr 17, 2021
08:30PM PDT

Teen Awakin Circle

Welcome to the Teen Awakin Circle hosted from San Jose, California! We start at 6:30 PM Pacific Time on Saturday ... 2021-04-17

Apr 18, 2021
09:00AM PDT

Learning Circle for Awakin Host & Moderator Team

Many of us have been in conversations where a skillful mix of inquiry, presence, and resonance allows insights to emerges that border on the sacred.  ... 2021-04-18

Apr 19, 2021
07:00PM EAT

Awakin Online Circle Bucharest

Dear Friends,   On Mondays you're invited for the weekly Awakin Circle in Bucharest, an evening of silence and communion. The gathering ... 2021-04-19

Apr 20, 2021
07:30PM CEST

Awakin Paris (Virtual)

S'inspirant des cercles Awakin et de l'esprit de communauté, nous nous réunissons pour un moment de silence puis nous partageons en cercle virtuel nos moments d'"aha" (autour d'une lecture ... 2021-04-20

Apr 20, 2021
06:30PM PDT

Awakin Oakland

Inspired by Wednesdays and the selfless work of our ServiceSpace family in Santa Clara, few kindred spirits in the East Bay community ... 2021-04-20

Apr 21, 2021
07:30PM BST

London Virtual Awakin (7:30-9:00pm) [Harrow]

We normally gather once a month to sit in silence for an hour, do a circle of sharing our "aha" ... 2021-04-21

Apr 23, 2021

Making Your Power Point Presentation Layout Selection

A power point presentation is one where a business or a product is laid out in front of an audience, ... 2021-04-23

Apr 28, 2021
07:00PM BST

London Virtual Awakin (York)

Every month, a few of us come together to sit in silence, share whatever comes to our hearts for the ... 2021-04-28

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Awakin gatherings are currently hosted in 105 locations around the world. To engage, you can explore the map below or explore our alphabetical listing.


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Awakin gathering are rooted in silence, community and service. For some more context, read this blog on "The Extra 'Ordinariness' of Wednesdays".

Broadly speaking, Awakin Circles are a grassroot expression of stillness and service.  More than a dozen years ago, a small group of people came together to sit in silence for an hour, share aha-moments in the second hour and eat dinner in the third hour.  There were no teachers, no brand, no marketing, no commerce, no agenda.  Just a humble space for anyone to enjoy.  Over the years, more than 20 thousand people walked into that living room, many of whom were visiting friends who wanted to start "Wednesdays" in their own local community.

To learn about hosting a circle locally, please check out our guide below.

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We are a group of volunteers, who share a resonance with our shared values, and are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. If you have any questions or comments, or want to get more involved, do feel free to write to us.

About Awakin Circles

Awakin circles started in the mid 90s when couple friends got together to sit in silence in an ordinary living room. For over a decade, it was known simply as 'Wednesdays'. Today, it has touched numerous lives around the globe and are now being voluntarily hosted by everyday heroes in over hundred cities.


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